Visual Recipes

If you enjoy reading less and watching more, here is a real peek into our recipes. Our Visual Recipes are step-by-step glimpses of the actual recipes in action. Watch and enjoy!

Makki Ki Roti 3 Varieties (Maize Flour Chapati)
In a unique bid, this video describes the recipes of 3 varieties of Makki ki roti (Maize flour Chapati), so
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Punjabi Chhole (Hindi Video)
This is the recipe for making lip smacking Punjabi Chhole Masala at home. Punjabi Chhole is a popular north Indian
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Sarson Ka Saag
Sarson ka sag or mustard leaves curry is one of the most popular Punjabi Indian cuisines. It is usually served
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Quick & Easy Creamy Chicken
Creamy chicken may be referred to as a substitute to Butter Chicken which is one of the most popular chicken
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Eggless Walnut Cake
This video enables you to bake a tempting and delicious egg-less walnut cake in very simple and easy way. With
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Falahari Kuttu Ki Roti & Alu Ki Sabzi
Falahari Kuttu Ki Roti And Alu Ki Sabzi or Buckwheat flat bread and potato curry is one of the most
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