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Zuccotto is an Italian frozen dessert which is usually served semi frozen or is thawed to become soft before serving. It consists of any type of cake, any fruit syrup or juice and whipped cream or ice cream. This delicious dessert is usually frozen in pumpkin shaped mold or bowl and sometimes chopped nuts or candied fruits are also added into the cream filling.


  • Ready made pound cake                        1
  • Whipping cream                                   2 cups
  • Orange juice                                         ¼ cup
  • White sugar                                          ½ cup
  • Semisweet chocolate chips                    150 grams
  • Almonds extract                                   ½ teaspoon
  • Candied almonds                                  ¼ cup
  • Chocolate sauce                                    For garnish



  1. Line a large pumpkin shaped glass bowl or any regular round bowl with plastic wrap and keep aside for a while.
  2. Cut the pound cake into 1/3rd of an inch size thick slices then cut each slice diagonally into triangles.
  3. Spread cut off triangles in the bowl all over plastic wrap in a single layer covering entire bottom and sidewalls of the bowl. Reserve remaining slices aside.
  4. Drizzle the orange juice over cake slices layer and keep aside for a while so that cake soaks all juice.
  5. Combine whipping cream, sugar and almonds extract in bowl of stand mixer and beat until peaks forms.
  6. Fold in half of chocolate chips and candied almonds into 3/4th of whipped cream mixture, stir to mix well until homogeneous and then spread the mixture over the soaked cake layer in the bowl leaving a pit at center. Reserve some almonds for garnish.
  7. Melt rest of chocolate chips in microwave at high for a minute and combine with remaining whipped cream mixture, stir to mix well so as to make chocolate filling.
  8. Fill the pit at the center of the dessert in bowl with chocolate filling and place rest of the cake slices to cover the surface totally.
  9. Wrap it with plastic sheet hanging out of the bowl and refrigerate overnight or up to 2 days to chill.
  10. Bring out of refrigerator at the time of serving and unwrap from top then invert the dessert on serving platter or tray, remove the plastic sheet completely and garnish with chocolate sauce and reserved candied almonds.
  11. Cut into pieces and serve, enjoy.

Preparation Time: 26 minutes (Excluding refrigeration time)

Serves: 4
1. You may use any other citrus juice or fruit syrup instead of orange juice.
2. You may also use your prepared chocolate and cream mixture for garnish instead of readymade chocolate sauce.

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